New Releases 6.6.06

Finally, the fated 6/6/06 has arrived. But what’s to show for it? Where’s Slayer’s LP, intended for today? Alas, still in purgatory (a.k.a. production). Deicide and Entombed also missed deadlines. But have no fear, Beelzebub believers. Artimus Pyledriver and Sikth are repping. As are new grindsters Genghis Tron. There’s the End Records’ black-metal tutorial. And don’t forget the “Omen” soundtrack.

Are you pent up with pentagrams? Not feeling horny for devil’s horns? There’s a heavenly corner as well. Amps for Christ, Combichrist and Evangelicals.

And there’s loads more, of course. Here goes, each in six words:

The Despair Faction Weep With Joy: That would be AFI’s fan club. Sobbing at the arrival of Decemberunderground. It’s the band’s seventh time out. Replete with requisite choruses and bombast. No limited editions or video enhancements. Just 12 doses of strident punk. You’ve already heard “Miss Murder” tirelessly. So check out “37mm” and “Affliction.”

More Crying, Courtesy a Rap Legend: Ice Cube’s Laugh Now, Cry Later. It’s another classic West Coast hoedown. Snoop and WC, all over it. Plus Lil Jon’s helping out, too. Just “Go to Church” for proof. Swizz Beatz and Green Lantern produce. Scott Storch polishes off two tracks. And don’t miss Mike Epps’ spot. Come on, “Holla @ Cha’ Boy.” Make LP #7 worth Cube’s while.

Head Automatica Graduate to Become Sophomores: Daryl Palumbo is at it again. Decadence followed Glassjaw’s hiatus — now this. Fourteen tracks’ worth of power-pop prickliness. “Graduation Day” is all over mtvU. The band is “Laughing at You.” While you’re “Lying Through Your Teeth.” Don’t miss “God” or “Curious,” either.

DJ Khaled Brings the Miami Heat: DJ Khaled’s Listennn … The Album arrives. And it’s presented by Terror Squad. Kanye and Jeezy also on here. Beanie Sigel and Lil Scrappy, too. Plus Clipse, Freeway, Pitbull and CTE. Now that’s called a star-studded LP. It’s devoted to Khaled’s Miami hometown. (“Future of Dade” says it all.)

Paul Oakenfold’s Aged Oak-Barrel Wine Flows: At last, Oakenfold’s A Lively Mind. This one has been bumping forever. But it’s well worth the wait. Pharrell and Grandmaster Flash both appear. Plus “8 Mile”-r Brittany Murphy, incredulously. On “Faster Kill Pussycat,” no less. This is the producer’s second LP. Emphasis on the unquenchable, club-ready beats. Fall Out Boy need new shoes.

The Fort Minor Queen Steps Out: She’s half of “Where’d You Go.” You know, Mike Shinoda’s “TRL” tune. Now, time for Holly Brook proper. Like Blood Like Honey is piano-heavy. Many a heart-wrenching confessional as well. “What I Wouldn’t Give” is ubiquitous. It’s on TV’s “Conviction” and “Related.” Is this 20-year-old ready to break? Will she be the next Dido? Only time will tell, they say.

Some People Just Won’t Say Die:

Cheap Trick’s Rockford
Cracker’s Greenland
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ Sinner
Live’s Songs From Black Mountain
The New Cars’ It’s Alive!
Frank Sinatra Jr.’s That Face!

A Rose by Any Other Name:

Joe Bonamassa (You & Me)
Donavon Frankenreiter (Move by Yourself)
Heideroosjes (Royal to the Bone)
Janez Detd. (Like Cold Rain Kills a Summer Day)
Kraak En Smaak (Boogie Angst)
Shakatak (“Live at the Playhouse” DVD)

They Are Singing the Body Electric:

Amps for Christ (Every Eleven Seconds)
Elevator Action (Society, Secret)
The Robot Ate Me (Good World)
Scanners (Violence Is Golden)
Soft Machine (“New Morning: The Paris Concert” DVD)
Stereo Fuse (All That Remains)

Yeah, They Decided to Take Off:

The Bottle Rockets (Zoysia)
Camera Obscura, as they declare Let’s Get Out of This Country
Jefferson Airplane (The Worst of Jefferson Airplane)
Jet Lag Gemini (Business)
Ladyhawk (Ladyhawk)
Metallic Falcons (Desert Doughnuts)

Are They Rivals in the Making?:

The “Cars” soundtrack vs. the New Cars (It’s Alive!)
Cheap Trick (Rockford) vs. Cheap Sex (Written in Blood)
Jet Lag Gemini (Business) vs. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Sinner)
Oakenfold (A Lively Mind) vs. Oakley Hall (Gypsum Strings)
Henry Rollins (Sweatbox) vs. Sonny Rollins (The Impulse Story)
Divided by Zero (The Black Sea) vs. Zero 7 (The Garden)

They Need Direction in Their Lives:

Drift (Scott Walker)
Compass (Susanne Abbuehl)
Floating World (Anathallo)
Koast II Koast (Kottonmouth Kings)
The River in Reverse (Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint)
The Search Party Never Came (Vanna)

The Song Title of the Week:

“Hanasakajijii” from Floating World by Anathallo

Six More Notables for Your Consideration:

The Hush Sound’s Like Vines: They opened for Fall Out Boy. Actually, they’re on Pete Wentz’s label. Like Vines is Hush’s second effort. Their first for Wentz’s Decaydance imprint. FOB singer/guitarist Patrick Stump co-produces here. Don’t miss “Magnolia” and “Wine Red.”

Psapp’s The Only Thing I Ever Wanted: Domino Recording Co. is still gold. These Londoners follow Franz Ferdinand’s lead. Except they’re even goofier and quirkier. Their bleeps made it to radio. Go, Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant. Psapp us of all our energy.

Camera Obscura’s Let’s Get Out of This Country: How apropos: this is a sextet. And this is their third release. One album for every other person. “If Looks Could Kill,” they say. On the new LP, that is. Even comes with a free-MP3 coupon.

Amps for Christ’s Every Eleven Seconds: Recorded in L.A.’s San Gabriel Mountains. Unbelievably, this is Amps’ ninth LP. An age-old German standup bass — check. Washboard, autoharp, sitar and electronics — check. Some lyrics about time travel — check. Yup, it’s all right in there.

The Paper Chase’s Now You Are One of Us: Which makes us one of them. It’s subversive racket, through and through. Harrowing pianos about to burst apart. Squawky vocals that make you shudder. If this sounds appetizing, click “buy.”

Mojave 3’s Puzzles Like You: This is Mojave at their poppiest. Neil Halstead gets slightly more accessible. One song by drummer Ian McCutcheon. Glorious pencil artwork adorns the cover. “Breaking the Ice” video is included.

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