New Releases 9.2.22: Megadeth, In Grief, Ensanguinate, 156/Silence

This week, we examine a long-awaited album by one of the biggest heavy metal bands ever, an expertly crafted debut by a Danish band and the most bottom-heavy metal/hardcore record in recent memory.


Artist: Megadeth

Title: Sick, Dying … Dead!

Label: Tradecraft/Universal

RIYL: Uhh … Megadeth

Best track(s): “Night Stalkers,” “Celebutante,” “Soldier On!” (the last 10 seconds 

Why it rules: Six years is a long time to wait for a Megadeth record. In fact, Sick, Dying … Dead! marks the longest break between studio albums in the band’s career. But their hard work paid off. Megadeth braved two major setbacks during the making of the record: the firing of original bassist Dave Ellefson and the cancer battle that Dave Mustaine (which he won). In the end, though, Megadeth are finally bequeathing thrash-metal fans with a much-welcome return to their vintage sound. The consummate example of Megadeth’s nostalgia is a guest appearance by Ice-T (on “Night Stalkers”) that sparks memories of when metal bands and rappers collaborated in the 1990s. Revisiting that era in metal without coming off as cheesy or ironic is a major achievement in itself.

In a nutshell: With this album, Megadeth prove that — unlike the other three members of the Big Four — they are the only band still capable of creating quality songs.

Buy on Megadeth’s website


Artist: Defacing God

Title: Resurrection of Lilith

Label: Napalm

RIYL: Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom

Best track(s): “The Invocation” (all three parts), “Echoes From Fulda,” “Enslaved”

Why it rules: With At the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity more popular than ever, it’s about time a younger band join Scandinavia’s melodeath team. With their first album, Danish extreme-metal quintet prove they suit the bill. In fact, while exciting new bands often get slapped with the word “promising,” Defacing God clear a bar that is so high, they’re entitled to skip tryouts. Especially refreshing is vocalist/lyricist Sandie “The Lilith” Gjørtz, who includes references to women (Lady Darkness, Queen of Samaria, female demon Abyzou in practically every song. Resurrection of Lilith is about as potent and pro as a debut can get. 

In a nutshell: While not quite as classic as Slaughter of the Soul or The Gallery, this record belongs on the playlists of every melodeath fan.

Buy on Napalm Records


Artist: 156/Silence

Title: Narrative

Label: SharpTone

RIYL: Knocked Loose, 100 Demons

Best track(s): “A Past Embrace,” “For All to Blame,” “Tell the Reason”

Why it rules: On their third studio album, 156/Silence take it up a notch — and then some. Sure, the metal/hardcore band has a taste for throw-downs, but with a frightening bottom-heavy sound, the Pittsburgh quartet is carving out a style all their own. Also, 156/Silence maintain an element of surprise throughout their album — “Stay Away,” features actual singing instead of shouting, if you can believe it. Narrative showcases a band that has lofty ambitions and enjoys a challenge. Even with expectations that high, 156/Silence succeed in a very big way.

In a nutshell: 156/Silence recently said they “poured [their] whole hearts into this album.” It shows.

Buy on SharpTone Records


Ancient North – Gates (Iron Bonehead)

Blind Guardian – God Machine (Nuclear Blast)

Bring Me the Horizon – Post Human II EP (Sony/RCA)

Callous Daoboys – Celebrity Therapist (MNRK Heavy/Modern Static)

Creature Canyon – Remarks (Gnu Roam)

Diabolic Oath – Aischrolatreia (Sentient Ruin)

Ensanguinate – Eldritch Anatomy (Emanzipation)

Epica – Consign to Oblivion, Phantom Agony and Score reissues (Nuclear Blast)

Front Bottoms – Theresa EP (Fueled by Ramen)

Hu – Rumble of Thunder (Better Noise)

In Grief – Eternity of Misery (Iron Bonehead)

King’s X – Three Sides of One (InsideOut)

Mantic Ritual – Heart Set Stone EP (M-Theory Audio)

Max Gowan – Glossolalia (Sound as Language)

Miss May I – Curse of Existence (SharpTone)

Oceans Ate Alaska – Disparity (Fearless)

Parker Gispert (Whigs) – Golden Years (Normaltown)

Trial – Feed the Fire (Metal Blade)

Yungblud – s/t (Locomotion/Geffen)

Next week’s highlights: Built to Spill’s When the Wind Forgets Your Name, Crippled Black Phoenix’s Banefyre, Fallujah’s Empyrean, Ozzy Osbourne’s Patient Number 9 and Revocation’s Netherheaven, and more

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