The Violent Sleep Of Reason Episode 4, 4.12.17

Wear Your Wounds’ WYW album cover

The Bad Penny’s new program through Radio Free America, “The Violent Sleep of Reason,” focuses on new and upcoming heavy-metal releases. The show’s fourth installment featured new cuts by The Obsessed, Royal Thunder and Wear Your Wounds.

Listen to the fourth edition of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

The program airs early Wednesday mornings from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Mountain Time in the U.S. It also airs live online here.

Listen to past editions of “The Violent Sleep of Reason” here.

Below are the songs played on the fourth show, with a few notes about each track — and some free downloads too. For Radio Boise’s list of the songs along with air times, go here and click on “The Violent Sleep of Reason.”


1. The Obsessed – “Perseverance”
• Scott “Wino” Weinrich’s punky doom band from Maryland, playing a show on 4.25 at Neurolux with Karma to Burn and Fatso Jetson
• off Sacred (Relapse, 4.7)

2. Doomsday Kingdom – “Hand of Hell”
• Solo hard-rock project by Candlemass leader Leif Edling
• off s/t (Nuclear Blast, 4.7)

3. Wear Your Wounds – “Fog”
• Pseudonym of Converge singer Jacob Bannon; Converge fans have been waiting for this experimental electronic metal album for at least five years
• off WYW (Deathwise, 4.7)

4. Royal Thunder – “The Sinking Chair”
• Atlanta stoner/psych rock band playing with Brant Bjork and Black Wizard at the Shredder on Thursday
• off Wick (Spinefarm, 4.7)

5. Russian Circles – “Vorel”
• Chicago metal instrumental trio; they opened in 2007 for Tool, who are playing June 18 at Ford Center
• off Live at Dunk! Fest 2016 (Sargent House, 4.7)

6. Extremity – “Bestial Destiny”
• Bay Area death metal featuring members of Vastum, Agalloch and Repulsion
• off Extremely Fucking Dead (20 Buck Spin, 4.7)

7. Valborg“Bunkerluft”
• German progressive doom/death metal, one of my favorite albums of the year
• off Endstrand (Lupus Lounge/Prophecy Productions, 4.7)

8. Despite – “Breathe”
• Swedish progressive melodic death metal covering the Prodigy song
• off “Breathe” single (Eclipse, 4.7)

9. Fuoco Fatuo – “Perpetual Apochaos”
• Italian funeral doom metal says of the album: The distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcending in the oblivion, feeding on the black void.”
• off Backwater (Profound Lore, 4.7)

10. Ecstatic Vision – “You Got It or You Don’t”
• Philadephia heavy psych band that recently played at Treefort
• off Raw Rock Fury (Relapse, 4.7)

11. Fight – “Boots Before Cleats”
• Boise hardcore metal thrash band says  “This album is for everyone in Boise”
• off Bootless Attitudes EP (self-released, came out about a month ago)

12. Fluoride – “Death Sentence”
• New Jersey punk grind
• off Flouride (self-released, 4.7)

13. Bear – “Childbreaker”
• U.K. progressive technical metal
• off III (Basick, 2017)

14. Wending Tide – “Cascading Auburn II”
• New Zealand blackgazers, discovery of the week
• off The Painter (self-released, 4.8)

15. Silence Equals Death – “Peacemaker”
• New Jersey hardcore quintet
• off End Times (Eulogy, 4.7)

16. Alazka“Empty Throne”
• Germany melodic hardcore releasing single to commemorate their signing to SharpTone
• off “Empty Throne” single (SharpTone, 4.7)

17. Harlott – “The Penitent”
• Australian thrashers
• off Extinction (Metal Blade, 4.7)

18. Trial – “Juxtaposed”
• Swedish heavy metal
• off Motherless (Metal Blade, 4.7)

19. Krokus – “Rockin’ in the Free World”
• 40-year-old Swiss heavy metal band; all-covers album
• off Big Rocks (Century Media, 4.7)

20. Tankard – “Arena of the True Lies”
• band’s 35th anniversary, 17th studio album
• off One Foot in the Grave (Nuclear Blast, 6.2)

21. Hideous Divinity“Sub Specie Aeternitatis”
• Italian death metal; album title means “a view from the perspective of the eternal”
• off Adveniens (Unique Leader 4.28)

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