Berkfinger (Of Philadelphia Grand Jury) And Rob Bell: Doppelgängers

Philadelphia Grand Jury’s Berkfinger already has a partner in MC Bad Genius, his childhood friend who makes up the other half of the pop duo. But from a visual standpoint, Berkfinger seems to have more in common with an unlikely personality: Christian motivational speaker Rob Bell.

Tweak Berkfinger’s eye color and add a little scruff on Bell, and a cosmic explosion might happen somewhere out there.

Incidentally, while Rob Bell delivers “The Good News” to his faithful fans, the Philly Jays have some of their own: The band, which recently signed to Too Pure Records, will release a 7-inch called “The Good News” in May.

Here’s another recent MP3 of theirs to tide you over – although, beware, as it’s more vice than virtue: “Going to the Casino (Tomorrow Night).”

More Doppelgängers:

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