Anagrams: Touch And Go Bands

Anagrams. Man a rag, you say? Cool, then we’re on the same page.

If you’re not already familiar with anagram games, they’re pretty straightforward: Rearrange a bunch of jumbled letters to form a new word.

The Bad Penny’s take has a few twists: Each of correctly rearranged words spells the name of a band on the roster of the much-beloved, much-missed Touch and Go Records. (For consistency’s sake, each band in question has a one-word name.)

There’s another bonus too: When you’re done rearranging the nine words, the first letters of each, reading downward, will spell the name of a 10th Touch and Go band – the one pictured above. Can’t figure out that one already? Then you’ll be in for a challenge, ’cause some of these bands are way obscure.


Go here for the answer.

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