Bad Penny MP3s: Best Of 2010, Part II – Trans Am, Damien Jurado, Masakari, Versus, More

With 2010 about to reach halftime, here’s the second roundup of choicest cuts the Bad Penny has offered so far this year.

It was tempting to include more than 15 selections this time around – what with more than 150 MP3s having been added to the Bad Penny New Music Releases Schedule in the past week. But while that behemoth houses all the songs, this post is reserved only for the best of the best.

Contrasting with the first installment, this time around you’ll find some pithy commentary on each of the below songs – five words or less for each.


Bodycop‘s “Don’t Move
• Rock fury trumps poor production
• From Bodycop (7.13, Fan Death)

Caddywhompus‘s “Let the Water Hit the Floor
• Organ-grinder’s monkey runs amok
• From Remainder (5.11, Community)

Casiokids‘s “Finn Bikkjen!
• Bee Gees got no range
• From Topp stemning på lokal bar (6.8, Polyvinyl)

Child Bite‘s “Odd Inn
• Los Campesinos! with more guitar
• From The Living Breathing Organ Summer (6.15, Joyful Noise/ Forge Again)

Double Dagger‘s “Pillow Talk
• A cacophonous catharsis. Hail Fugazi.
• From Masks EP (3.23, Thrill Jockey)

Extra Life‘s “Headshrinker (Tyondi Braxton Remix)
• A remix that doesn’t suck
• From Splayed Flesh EP (6.22, Planaria/Sockets)

Field Music‘s “Measure
• Oh sweet strings
• From Field Music (Measure) (2.16, Memphis Industries/ Revolver)

Futurebirds‘s “Johnny Utah
• Lemonade on a hot afternoon
• From Hampton’s Lullaby (7.13, Autumn Tone)

Jews and Catholics‘ “Up for Days
• Band name = Supreme Court reference?
• From Who Are? We Think We Are! (5.18, 307 Knox)

Damien Jurado‘s “Arkansas
• If the Flaming Lips unplugged …
• From Saint Bartlett (5.5, Secretly Canadian)

Masakari‘s “Rapid Dominance
• Bad Penny’s best metal MP3
• From The Prophet Feeds (6.8, Southern Lord)

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band‘s “Leaving Trails
• Lost souls with soul
• From Where the Messengers Meet (8.3, Dead Oceans)

Rifoki‘s “Sperm Donor
• Steve Aoki needs anger management
• From Rifoki (3.9, Dim Mak)

Trans Am‘s “Apparent Horizon
• Less punch, more groove
• From Thing (4.20, Thrill Jockey)

Versus‘ “Invincible Hero
• Quintessential college-radio rock
• From On the Ones and Threes (8.3, Merge)


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